House of Tonya 23

Love the skin your in!

The House of Tonya 23's organic herbal skincare solutions is the way to go! 

Why Choose Us?

Welcome to "The House of Tonya23! To begin, our products do not contain harmful ingredients. We use only the finest Ingredients, essential oils, herbs, butters and containers  for our exquisite products. House of Tonya23 was born by me being a mom and wife. I was required to deal with most skin care ailments within my household, and I got tired of products that contained ingredients I couldn't even pronounce. In today's society most people are trying to make the healthiest choices of products they on there most precious assets, our families. Tonya23 has earned the trust of its customers by being consistent in using organic and natural products that actually help the skin long term and not temporary results. Most of our products are family friendly with exception of our baby skincare, women and men specific options.  The House of Tonya also uses environmentally safe ingredients.  Also, when we have it in stock all our customers receive seed paper to encourage family planting projects. Just plant, water, and watch it grow!


Dundalk, MD 21222